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BlimpAnimation responds:

Oh petah!

wise words

Dinkle, I love you with all my heart (and wallet)

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This game is really charming... but yes, it's very rough around the edges. I say you should get a team to improve this piece and fix the little details. I really like this concept.

crow-seeds responds:

Thanks for the review! Any specific details or aspects of the game we should look into?

I like what you did here. It's meant to be like Hades but with norse mythology. It's a good concept, however, the game does need some polishing. Getting an extra artist and someone to make the music is a good way to start. I hope this project does good in the future.

HelperWesley responds:

Thanks. 👍

Yeah, supergiant games' art team is very talented. The art in this game is all from free art packs and such. 😅

The gameplay is fun, the sounds are even better... but the visuals deserve some heavy polishing. I mean, the game itself needs to be polished. But overall, I hope you manage to get the final version done one day, with all the enhancements it needs.

Mations responds:

I will keep it in mind

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Fucking creepy dude. Keep up the good work.

Text-to-speech-kun, my beloved...

Belthagor responds:

I wub you too. I am looking for a voice actor/actress to voice this. :D Will update you when I find one.

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Mmm, yes, I do need a haircut sooner or later. Better call the dentist.

Linttop responds:

Dentists and barbers were actually the same profession back in old times lol

Jesus Christ dude it's still October

JustDenys1 responds:

i did snow crossover in august and there's people who do these nomination things in october, winter is just my favorite season

Holy shit look it's Monica

I am a portuguese artist who likes bologna and eletronic music. Ask me about my ipecac addiction.

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